Monday, May 9, 2011

HMQS 2011

We'd just like to take a moment and thank all of the ladies who volunteered their time to make this show a success. Ann and her committee really went all out this year. Our guild booth was also amazing and we hope to have many of the people we talked to during the show join us at our future meetings!

We'd also like to congratulate our members who took ribbons at the show.

  • Sue McCarty won Masters Best of show
  • Gaye Ryon 1st Novelty Custom
  • Diane Jaeger 2nd Computerized Quilting
  • Brenda Bell 2nd Riley Blake Challenge
  • Susan Davis Honorable Mention Mixed Technique
  • Joylyn Cluny Honorable mention Mixed Technique
  • Jeanne Brown Honorable mention Sew Batik Challenge
If there are any others that we missed let us know. Pictures of some of the winning quilts are available from the links below or on our site. 

Don't miss our upcoming meeting on May 21st for a recap of the show. There's usually a lot of left over freebies for door prizes too so be on time!