Monday, November 23, 2015

November Meeting

YES!! We’re having our meeting this Saturday!

Even though the esteemed Ricky Timms is in town, we still need to have our meeting.

We will be having a Guild Trunk Show. Please bring your favorite quilt(s), and tell us why it’s your favorite. We want to concentrate on Christmas quilts, but your favorite is more important. It can be either a quilt you quilted, or a quilt you received of bought from someone else. More than one if you like.

We will also have a discussion on our bylaws.

Don’t forget your potluck refreshments! It is your chance to show off your shopping…er…cooking skills to the rest of us.

We will still be having our regular show and tell, I always get so many good ideas from you all that it’s something I would hate to miss.

I’m sure there will be announcements from many different sources, i.e. Utah Quilt Guild, Quilts of Valor, etc.

We will also have a questionnaire to fill out about what you would like to do in the coming year.

Hope to see you there!