Thursday, July 7, 2016

July Meeting

Longarm meeting is right around the corner - July 16th at 10 am at the Handiquilter building! (Thanks for being so awesome!)

May Minutes

** Please sign up for Smiths Rewards and choose Utah Quilt Guild as your recipient.

If you are interested in also joining the Utah Quilt Guild - pay dues online and card is emailed to you after you pay. At the meeting, they were still looking for a Davis County Rep. You should have received your Quilt Fest Booklet. Registration is going on now.

Christmas Stocking Fundraiser - buy a stocking for $5, decorate it and donate it. You will be entered into a drawing for a sewing machine. Read their newsletter online for more info on these items.

Our guest speaker was, Donna Valdez, from Quilts of Valor. She taught the history of Quilts of Valor. Some interesting points to me are - the quilt is similar to a purple heart in the selection of the recipient. Quilts are picked specifically for each person. The quilt presentation is often the beginning of their healing. Each part of the quilting process represents something - the back is strength, the stitches are all the people that served and the binding is the future of the individual.

A quote from the QoV website - I knew a Quilt of Valor had to be a quality-made quilt, not a “charity quilt.” Quilts of Valor would be the civilian equivalent of a Purple Heart award. A Quilt of Valor had to be quilted, not tied, which meant hand or machine quilting. Quilts of Valor would be “awarded,” not just passed out like magazines or videos. A Quilt of Valor would say unequivocally, “Thank you for your service, sacrifice, and valor” in serving our nation in combat.

Check out their website - it is awesome! If you can build and donate a quilt we can get you in touch with the foundation.