Wednesday, April 10, 2013

March Meeting Notes

It started with pictures taken for our directory. Then our business included, a report from Sylvia Zobell about the Utah Quilt Guild, membership fees are due this month, she also mentioned National Quilt Day March 16th, Colonial House, and she had fabric available for the BooBee’s project to fight Breast Cancer.

HMQS is just a short few weeks away. If you haven’t signed up for classes, or registered to show a quilt or two, now is the time. There are still challenge kits available for QOV, Riley Blake and Sew Batik. See the for details. Volunteers are needed too, and if you volunteer you get to see the show free, all the info is on the website. Remember to take your “Scavenger Hunt” Sheet to the show (I’ve attached a copy). Find the answers and turn it in at our booth for a drawing at the May Meeting. 

 Our booth theme is anything “Ghastly” bring your items to the show or contact Kathryn Lindsay or myself to arrange for them to get there. If you have signed up to work at our booth you also can get free entry. Check at with us or at the volunteer desk about a volunteer ID tag. 

 We had our Apron Fashion show. Kathryn Winterton showed her work apron and how damaged it is from the machine, pins etc. Work aprons can not only save our clothes but also streamline our process by holding the tools we use most. There were so many fantastic aprons we voted to have a drawing instead of a vote for the prize. 

 The HandiQuilter Gals gave a great presentation on Computerized Quilting. How to size and place purchased designs and also how you can digitize you own designs, even copy your freehand work to save it for another project. They had a trunkshow of some of the quilts they have done with the computer. The item that surprised me was that computerized quilting is not faster than manually driven quilting just more exact. Still, I think many of us want to save for a system 

 After refreshments Renea Haddadin talked about a new direction her shop “Quilts on the Corner” is going. She is stocking several lines of Superior Thread, YLI Thread, Wide Back Fabrics and Longarm Tools and supplies. The shop is in Sandy on Main Street and is worth a visit. Kathryn Lindsey gave us the challenge to share how we quilt rail fence blocks. I’ve attached some of the ideas. If you have more email them to me and I’ll forward them to the group. ( please don’t laugh at my drawing) 

Our first “Spotlight” of one of our members was on Chris Robinson. Chris is a native of Utah, and learned basic quilting from her Mom. She has one daughter and had 43 foster children over the years. Three of her foster daughters are quilters, one an award winning longarm quilter in Houston. Chris has had a HQ16 for about a year and quilts for herself and friends. 

 We had a review of new books added to our library and a brief tools you can purchase at “Harbor Freight”. I’ve attached my favorite quilting tools found at the hardware stores. 

 We finished with “Show and Tell” and got to see wonderful quilts made or quilted by our members. 

Mark your calendars for our next meeting on May 18th. Our guest speaker will be Emilie Daly who is a digital fabric designer – a new direction in fabric production. We will also recap our experiences at HMQS, and have our Scavenger Hunt drawing. Bring any cool tools, ideas or tips you learn at the show and, of course, show and tell.

HMQS Scavenger Hunt

Rules: Find the answers to the following questions, bring to the SLC/Ogden Longarm Guild Booth. Those with all correct answers will be eligible for a drawing during the May Meeting .



1) What aisle is our guild’s booth on?_______________

2) Name the quilt that won second place in the Youth Division?_________________________________________

3) Who is scheduled to be on the Handiquilter stage Saturday at 10am?_______________________________________

4) What is the booth number of the A-1 Longarm Machines._____________

5) How many quilts are in the “Farmer’s Wife” Special exhibit?__________

6) Who is the sponsor that provided the ribbons for the competition.________________________________________

7) What is the Theme of this year’s show?___________________________________

8) This is the _________ year of HMQS.

9) List at least 4 Long arm machines you can test drive at the show._____________________________________

10) Name the 2 quilt judges and where they came from.____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

11) What classroom has “Hands on” Classes using the Handiquilter machines._______________________________

What is your Favorite part of the show.