Wednesday, April 10, 2013

HMQS Scavenger Hunt

Rules: Find the answers to the following questions, bring to the SLC/Ogden Longarm Guild Booth. Those with all correct answers will be eligible for a drawing during the May Meeting .



1) What aisle is our guild’s booth on?_______________

2) Name the quilt that won second place in the Youth Division?_________________________________________

3) Who is scheduled to be on the Handiquilter stage Saturday at 10am?_______________________________________

4) What is the booth number of the A-1 Longarm Machines._____________

5) How many quilts are in the “Farmer’s Wife” Special exhibit?__________

6) Who is the sponsor that provided the ribbons for the competition.________________________________________

7) What is the Theme of this year’s show?___________________________________

8) This is the _________ year of HMQS.

9) List at least 4 Long arm machines you can test drive at the show._____________________________________

10) Name the 2 quilt judges and where they came from.____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

11) What classroom has “Hands on” Classes using the Handiquilter machines._______________________________

What is your Favorite part of the show.

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