Monday, March 6, 2017

January Meeting

Terri Soll was our guest speaker.  She specializes in Wearable Art and is currently in Utah with Nuttall's. My favorite quotes from her are "There are no mistakes, only opportunities to be creative."  and "On the kid, on the bed, on the floor - quilts are made to be used."

Embroidery tips - she says to ask yourself - Do you quilt it or not?  She uses white in the bobbin all the time when it is going in the quilt.  Embroider with thin batting and then use regular batting when quilting. 

Backing tips -
- wash the backing but don't iron.  Load it onto the longarm and spray it damp with Best Press and roll it on. It will come out nice and flat.
- load wide fabric, quilt it in 4 rows and then cut it into borders to add to a quilt.  add a small border to connect to quilt. 

Quilts of Valor - Here's a tip for your donated quilts...put Utah on your label and it should stay in Utah for our veterans.

Utah Quilt Guild - Lorri Ryder is our rep. For the 2017 Charity Project, they would like each guild to pick their own project. 

Congrats to Kristina - she won a HQ challenge and get to be a face for HQ!

HMQS - It has been bought and is now UQSM.   To receive updates go subscribe at

Useful Tips:
  • Use a curtain rod over your longarm rails to mark the end of pantograph
  • HQ has a clip now for floating tops
  • Use circular clampy things to keep your batting off the floor in the front
  • Use colored vinyl squares to see color values - use red for green, green for red.  Just buy the vinyl notebook dividers and cut them up. Available at the dollar store.

Please get your dues of $20 to SL/Ogden Longarm Guild! There are lots of fun things going on this year that you won't want to miss out on!

Our next meeting is March 18 at HQ from 10 to 1.
Get to know you activity
Gadget and drawing
Quilt block patterns
luncheon and More

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