Friday, September 21, 2012

Sept meeting

Hi Ladies,

We had a great meeting at Rocky Mountain Quilters with a presentation on machine maintenance with Nick Trujillo. He did an amazing job explaining tension and thread issues. Who knew thread passed through the needle eye 60 times before it made it into the quilt!

We thank him and our hosts for a really informative meeting.

We also talked a little about modern quilts, their characteristics, and how to quilt them. Go with geometric designs, lines, spirals, and angles. If you're interested in more you can look around for the Sale Lake Modern Quilt Guild. 

There is also a new guild - the South Jordan Modern Quilt Guild that meets at Material Girls out on about redwood and 10800 south. They meet every third Tuesday from 6:30-8:00.

If any of you are interested in donating more quilts to the Phonix Quilts organization they would be happy to take them. Julie Anderson was very appreciative of our help with the last batch and is overwhelmed at the support she's seeing from local guilds. You can contact her organization directly at:

Next month we're back in the Handi Quilter studio and it's Pot Luck. Remember to bring donations for the school group in Idaho if you have any leftovers you'd like to see go to a new home.

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